Yakima Roof Racks

Yakima Roof Rack

Company Background and Design Philosophy

Rack Envy is a terrible affliction, affecting millions of Americans who are using substandard car racks to transport their gear. You can see its devastating effects in disorganized trunks, disheveled backs of SUVs, cramped minivans and haphazard pickup truck beds everywhere. You can also see it on the faces of the unfortunate drivers who own other brands of car racks – none of which are nearly as versatile, easy to use or attractive as Yakima car racks.

For more than 30 years, Yakima has been dedicated to eradicating such needless suffering. And since we’re massive outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, there’s no one else nearly as qualified as us to make racks that transport your gear and improve your state of mind. We’re all cyclists, campers, skiers, snowboarders, climbers, hikers and kayakers, who load up our car racks and take to the forests, slopes and waterways every chance we get.

At Yakima, our designers constantly follow around outdoor enthusiasts like you (in a totally non-stalker way) to find out everything you could ever want in a rack. This causes many light bulbs to hover over our heads, and lots of nifty features to be incorporated into our products. We call this process “Insight-Inspired Innovation.” And as a result, every one of our products has the following fundamental elements:

  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Beauty

Thanks to these special ingredients, you can rest assured when you buy a Yakima you have the finest gear-hauling solution money can buy. And, in your little corner of the universe, Rack Envy will be a thing of the past.

Jason features the Yakima Track Rack System with Tower Locks. This is the perfect platform to add any Yakima Accessories too.



Special Note: When Jason installs a rack system, rest assured it is done correctly. For added strength we laminate reinforcing material into the cap’s roof area. This is something not every cap company does. We want you to be able to use it, not just look at it!



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