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…..The Jason Work Force High Rise.

The total package!

         The perfect One - Two punch!

  • Its mid-rise shape creates extra interior volume from front to rear.
  • And it’s great looks provides the style you’re looking for!   

   All Function .... No Fuss...

For starters …. in addition to its interior room, the JASON Work Force High Rise features an oversized big as they comerear door opening!! This Jason Work Force is ready to tackle the job. Check out the refined lines, pleasing profiles and soft contours, you will like the way this “work top” looks.

With these crafted commercial caps and their carefully selected options you can turn any pickup into a work truck. Incorporating your specifications, Jason creates a self contained unit affording you the best in …. Space Utilization….. Convenience ….. Security

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Options abound, so you can tailor your Work Force to meet your requirements.

In addition to the Jason Hi-Rise, we offer two additional fiberglass models, plus contractor grade aluminum skinned units, all with loads of option combinations to suite the work ahead.

JASON’s Work Force is the ONE for You… tough, practical and good-looking!

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