How We Build Them!

From Concept to Reality....

Jason Industries has a long-standing reputation as the industry leader in quality fiberglass camper tops and tonneau covers for trucks. Part of our success comes from our effective design and manufacturing process.



Jason’s Rage tonneau cover began as a conceptual drawing. The working pattern is created beginning with a mound of foam. A five-axis CNC machine routes through the foam to create a two-piece pattern.

Test Fit

After completing and joining the right and left pieces, we test fit the pattern on the truck.
We also use the foam pattern to create a forming plug. Craftsmen fine-tune the master plug, which is used to form the mold utilized in producing the lid.

Parts Production

Molds are used time and time again to form the production parts. To produce parts, we first coat the mold with primer gel. We then laminate it with a sophisticated structure of chopped random-strand fiberglass, reinforced with a resin-soaked honeycomb fiber substrate. This forms a hard, resilient solid composite unit that has dynamic strength to handle the flexing and tension inherent in a moving vehicle.

We use hand-laid woven fiberglass roving and metal plates to further strengthen stress areas and hardware attachment points.

Final Touches

After the hardware components are installed and the edges trimmed, each lid is hand sanded and prepared for painting.

The resulting one-piece molded fiberglass construction wears a durable multi-layer finished surface using BASF’s Diamont base coat / clear coat automotive paint.

Inspectors perform quality checks and then each unit receives a complete hand-wash before leaving the factory. 



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